Friday, December 9, 2011

Visalus Pre-Challenge Prep Day 5 and Day 1-Challenge Start

So today is Saturday, yesterday was the last day  of the Visalus Pre-Challenge Prep. I got tons of goodies today. 4 boxes of Scentsy and my Visalus Box.

Of course I skipped breakfast, drank tons of water and then had a turkey sandwich on wheat bread for lunch. I had a protein shake around 5 and then sushi for dinner. Not a bad day all in all. Once I got the shakes and really realized how poor my eating habits are, I switched my auto ship to two shakes a day. That is 60 meals a month for $99.00. I watched quite a few You tube videos about the results and I haven't really seen anything negative. In fact, there are quite a few people who were losing 10-20lbs without even working out. 

So I opened the Visalus Box and here is what came in my kit.

First was the bag of Shake. This is a 30 day supply and will cover one meal a day. I plan to order another bag to cover me for the month, so I can change my challenge to two meals a day. Next was the shake mixers. These are different flavors that you can add to your shake. I got Banana Energy Charge, Peach Complexion Care,  2 Strawberry Phyto Power and Orange every day defense. Next was my Body by Vi Progress tracker, The Body By Vi Program Guide & a Quick Health Profile. 

To Maintain your weight, Visalus recommends having 1 shake a day for breakfast because 40% of adults don't eat breakfast. This slows your metabolism incredibly. If you eat breakfast, not only do you keep your metabolism running bu you will typically eat less all day. I have always loved shakes. They are much better than the average starchy breakfast of cereal or bagels. Shakes help you keep your metabolism running, fuel you with protein, fiber, prebiotics and other minerals for fewer calories and fewer dollars than other breakfasts. So one shake a day will keep the pounds away.

To lose weight, I will have a shake for breakfast and lunch. Then a couple of snacks as need such as a fruit, or vegatable or 10 raw almonds or 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, or string cheese. Then at night, I will have a sensible meal. This will be a salad, protein, vegetables or fruit. On the Body By Vi Challenge, you can even cheat every now and then and still lose weight.

This is easy and I love it!! I know skipping meals slows down my metabolism just as you can't train your car to run without gas in the tank, you can't train your body to have a healthy metabolism with out food. You can't too many calories, or you will slow your progress. My calories goal will be between 1500-1700 calories per day.  This takes the guess work out of thinking of meals every day. I just don't have the time. This makes it easy. 

So today is Saturday and my Challenge begins. To Start my program, I took my before pictures. Ah yeah these will not be posted until I reach my goal weight. I would love to inspire people but I am not crazy. I'll inspire people with before and afters, not just befores LOL. Then later this afternoon, I will be taking my measurements and putting them in my progress tracker. I forgot a tape last night but I am definitely going to do this today. After my pictures, I drank my first shake. They taste really good. I didn't mix them with milk, which you are suppose to do because I forgot to get it but I will have my lunch shake with milk. 

So far so good, but isn't Day 1 always great. : ) I really love easy programs and I think this will be great. I have started Jillian Michael's 20 minute video again. Its quick its easy and keeps you motivated. We'll see how that goes too.

Going back to the pictures. OH BOY. Putting on swim suits that you love but they don't fit. Ah yeah if that isn't motivation enough. Visalus is going to give me the energy I want back and the body I want back. I'd love for you to join the challenge with me. I need help keeping me on track. Check it out here.

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