Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 2/3 Visalus Challenge

Today is Monday so time to cover both days in one blog post to update my Visalus Challenge. Sunday was an average day. I had two shakes and filled in between with snacks such as low fat string cheese, an apple, hard boiled egg for snack 1 at 3:00pm. Oh the first shake was at 11 am. We'll consider it brunch. LOL. I then had a small burger with only avocado and jalapenos on it. This was my cheat. My next shake was at 6 pm. No difference in energy or anything. I know I am still skimping on water so I need to add that in as well. 8pm was my normal healthy dinner consisting of chicken and whole wheat pasta. I didn't crave a snack and drank lots of water before bed.

This morning, I was pretty tired when I opened my eyes but when it came time for my first shake, I was full of energy. I can't really explain it. I didn't mix today's shakes with anything special, because the vanilla cream taste is pretty awesome but you can do all kinds of stuff. I got instant coffee and cocoa as well as lots of fruit, yogurt etc in case I get bored or have a little more time. I am really considering buying a magic bullet to keep at the office or carry with me on trips etc. This way I can mix all kinds of fun stuff in them. They really fill you up. I have not been hungry all day. For my morning snack, I had string cheese, apple and that egg at 2pm. At 5pm, I just had my second shake. Both shakes have been mixed with non fat milk.  Now I know I don't have nearly enough calories yet but I feel great and weirdly, I am not hungry. I have had 3 bottles of water. I need at least 2 more at minimum. I finished everything on my to-do list for my day job which is Compliance. December is always our audit month, so it is a lot of checking and double checking to make sure things are up to date. It gets repetitive but I completed quite a bit today. Last night I finished my Christmas Cards, tonight is more Scentsy deliveries. I am just getting stuff done. : )

For workouts, I started the one I always go back to. Well there are two. I either start on the C25K which is a running program or Jillian Michaels 20 minute workout. I don't get bored with either of these and I see results pretty fast.

I am  not measuring or weighing myself except for weekly and I am going to do the sissy thing to do. Not post any of my weight of measurements till I start feeling a difference in my body. We'll base everything on energy and eating habits right now.

Hopefully soon, I can create a poster with my before and after pictures on it like the one below. : )  Join me on the Visalus Challenge. So far so good and why not lose a few pounds before the Holiday. I gotta make room for my Mom's meatballs. : )

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