Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Visalus Challenge Day 4

Today is Tuesday. Day 4. I have to start by saying, that I am not a Visalus Distributor, I am just blogging about my experience doing the 90 day Visalus Challenge. I have tried every diet and every shake under the sun so when I try something I usually do a review online of the product on about 40 websites and read about it before I buy it. For a couple of reasons I decided to blog my experience. One, to hold me accountable and motivate me to follow through and Two,  for the people who do reviews like me and would like to hear how Visalus actually works before they jump in full force and buy one one of the kits.

So far so good. Last night I felt great. Had a shake around 5:30 because I knew I had Scentsy orders to deliver and wouldn't be able to eat till later. It worked out perfectly. I was Scentsy Santa till around 8:30 and then went home to eat. I had whole wheat pasta, a small piece of steak and broccoli. I drank 2 more bottles of water and didn't have a snack all night. On top of it all, I haven't had a cluster headache for two days. I didn't fall asleep till around 1 but that is because I have been obsessed with a new hobby. More to come on that later.

Today I woke up a little tired but I know I need 7-8 hours of sleep, however I jumped up for water and felt ok instead of exhausted. I started the day off with a shake and the Strawberry add in. It smells so good. Just like strawberry milk.The funny thing is I have not been hungry at all. Considering I was skipping meals, my body is problem thanking the gods I found Visalus. Its so easy. I have a thermal tote bag and I put two scoops of the mix in 2 zip lock baggies to be ready for my day. I bring my blender ball bottle. This mixes it right up. No clumping or anything.

For my first snack, I had an apple and string cheese. I had my next shake around 3 then raspberries, turkey and a hard boiled egg for my 2nd snack. For dinner, I had sushi with brown rice. Yum, my favorite. Today I also managed to get in 5 bottles of water.

Everything is pretty normal for me. I use to eating like this quite a bit. What I never get use to is how much I go to the bathroom. : )  I am less bloated. The hydration helps. A pair of jeans I wore today fit much better, so that is a plus. Mostly positives so far. I am definitely not perfect on the eating habits but I have improved quite a bit in 4 days. I think once you start feeling better and seeing even a few results, it makes something like this so much easier.  So first steps, I have more energy and a pair of jeans fit better. Good enough for me for now. I have to comment again how much I love the taste of Visalus with the milk. Its a really good flavor.  They go down very easy.

Tonight, I am not hungry at all and I am just downing water. No sweet cravings but yup trips to the bathroom all night long until my body gets use to the water intake. Want to join me on the challenge. Check it out here. VISALUS 90 DAY CHALLENGE


  1. good luck with the challenge...i know someone else who is doing it and she's loving it.

  2. Anytime a pair of jeans fit better, that's a good thing =) Enjoy the challenge and looking forward to hearing about fantastic results in your life.

  3. I really do love it. I have much more energy to focus on Scentsy and my Social Media Addiction. Take the challenge. You can actually get it free by having people do it with you. www.bodybyvi.com/jilleysue

  4. I use that shaker for all of my on the go protein shakes. It's the best!

  5. Good luck Jill! It must be very good! :)

  6. You go, Jill! In hot yoga we promote the 30 Day Challenge - 30 consecutive days of hot yoga - and often people need nutritional support along the way. Let me know how this turns out for you!


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