Friday, June 8, 2012

Scentsy Bootcamp & Clean Eating

It is has been a while since I have personally blogged. This week is the week I will.....begin yet again. We all know I started the Visalus Challenge back in December. I really like Visalus but I have begun a new venture making everything simple, going back to the basics. The things about Fitness and Nutrition that I have always known. It is simple. There are no secret tricks, there are no magic diet pills. There is one way and the only way to be healthy and in shape : EAT RIGHT AND GET MOVING!

Iin May, I attended Scentsy Director Bootcamp in Meridian, Idaho. It is a special training for Scentsy's Consultants who have promoted to Director or higher. It was amazing. For 2 days we received incredible training and were treated like royalty by the Scentsy Home Office Staff. On the last day, we had training with Scentsy Wellness Trainer, Coach Lee Leslie.  It changed everything for me and brought me back to the thinking I had 10 years ago. .... again I say, there is no other way but CLEAN EATING and EXERCISE.

I will be blogging about this new venture here and you can also visit my You Tube Page for more Video Blogs on How I am doing!

So I am starting a bit late. Right now I am on Week 5 Day 39. I got back from Boot Camp and first began to clean out my pantry and fridge. I took out everything white and boxed. I did good for the first week. I also joined a gym called KoKo Fit Club. If there is one in your area. Definitely CHECK IT OUT! I have worked out at many gyms and loved many of them but I will say even though I use to be in great shape, I could never stay focused. Koko does EVERYTHING for me! You are able to stay on one machine and the workout is all set up before you even get there. Everything is programmed in, how many reps you do, everything. I love it. The work outs are also timed, so there is no wasted time and your heart rate stays up so that you are able to burn fat the entire time.  Really, check out the website and go visit if you can. If you don't like the gym atmosphere and like to get in and get out of gym, this will be perfect for you.

So the week after I joined Koko, my mom came to visit. Yeah not good to try to stay focused, but I did ok. She left a week later and then I started again.

So let's see:

Gym Membership: Check
Clean out junk food: Check
Bought Cooler: Check
Bought Water Jug: Check
Went to Grocery store for Food: Check
Prepped Food: Check

I was off. So every Sunday night, I prep my food. I make tons of Chicken in the Crockpot. I usually look up tons of low fat recipes just to change it up. I let it cook for 8 hours. If there is ton, I freeze each piece in a baggie and also keep some out for the week. Wait lets go back. Here are the things I bought.

Large packages of chicken
Green beans
Sweet Potatoes
Brown Rice
Organic Greens
Whole Wheat Pasta
Steel cut oats
Chia Seeds
Bee Pollen
Wheat Germ
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil
Dijon Mustard
Ezeikel Bread
Ice Cool Packs
Cottage Cheese
Greek Yogurt

Those are the basics right now. I have taken a ton of pictures, so I'll start posting those too. Then I bought a cooler. It was about $14 at Target and tons of zip lock baggies. I carry the cooler around every where I go. This is the only way someone can eat clean and keep things on track.

So now with my groceries, my food prepped, my cooler packed, I was off. Now I do this every single day. My alarm is set on my phone to eat every 2-3 hours and every hour for water. I am drinking UNGODLY amounts of water.

I just squished the last 5 weeks into one little post. LOL. Now I can start getting into detail on how I am doing every single day. I will post about specifics, how I eat, the shakes I drink, what work outs I do and how I am feeling. I will leave it at that for now and post more this weekend. I have tons of tips and tidbits that are really working and I am truly enjoying myself again.

Until next time, keep on SPARKLING!!

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