Friday, June 8, 2012

Where ya been?

Well it has been a while since I have written on this blog. It has been jumbled up with all my other stuff and I didn't know really how I was going to use it. I blog on my Scentsy site, I do video blogs, a fitness blog and then there is this one lingering. I decided rather than let it go to waste, I will start using it for a little bit of everything, exactly what it was meant for. So here it goes, I a little bit of everything. From my life, my wellness journey, direct sales tips and tidbits, social media and anything else that pops in to my head.

Last year, you saw that I start Visalus (the health and wellness shake) and started blogging about it. I do like Visalus but it still wasn't what would end up working for me in the wellness area. I still was using it well after I stopped blogging about it. Again, mainly because I didnt know where I wanted Forever Sparkling to fit in. It was all jumbled in my head confusing me as what I would use it for.

Finally it has come to me. I will use this blog for whatever pops in my head, my team, other consultants, wellness, inspiration, whatever I want.

Today I am back. Keep watching for posts on all kinds of things that are happening. I am on Week 5 of my wellness journey so I wanted to keep you up to date with that and of course tons of Direct Sales Tidbits.

Glad to be back...Stay Tuned and for god sakes, keep on SPARKLING

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