Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Organized

One of the best things you can do to make your day go smoothly is to be organized. If you aren't organized, you will waste time trying to find forms, emails, products and that isn't making you any money. Try these tips and we bet your life will be much easier to manage!

Make a list each night before you go to bed of 5 items that you want to accomplish the next day. Mark them off as you go and even if you get side tracked with LIFE, just work on those 5 items and you will feel good about the accomplishment. I use calengoo. It is an ap that attaches to my google calendar with a task list. While I am laying in bed, I add things to the task list that I think of. Its a great way to get up in the morning and know where to start.

Is your home office a mess? Well fix it up. Use Rubbermaid boxes if needed to label and organize. Go to your local thrift store, buy baskets for .25 cents and start labeling them. Keep your space orderly so you can find items. Get yourself a stand for files and start labeling files (even if in handwriting) of (a) Things to Do (B) Forms (C) Future Ideas (C) Monthly Marketing, etc. This way you aren't staring at stacks of paper all over your desk.

Keep only your 5 things to do list and current project on your desk at all times. Put other items in their folders each night. You can do this electronically as well and make different tasks lists that way you can shift things up as you complete them. Let's face it, every one of us reading this has more than 5 things to do. So, instead of running in circles, let's get realistic and put it into perspective of what we can accomplish instead of what we didn't. This will really make a big difference in your business and home life!

Feel like revamping your office and really taking business seriously? Take a look at and enter home office in the search or look at the organizing link. Another good source for organizing tools and equipment is www.overstock.comwhere you can buy crafting organizers (oh boy have I been to this site a time or two) and shipping is only $2.99.

Organization and systems can really make or break your home life as well as your business. Start off with one thing at a time. Once systems are in place you will really see how much time you save.

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  1. I really liked your tips on staying organized! I have recently joined a new direct sales company that is focused around staying organized and selling products to help get you in doing this! Will try to get in touch with you so maybe we can possibly work together. :)


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