Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do I Relax?

I often wonder what relaxing feels like. I can lay by my pool and know it is suppose to be called "relaxing" but my mind is often dreading the moment when I can't relax or thinking about all the things I should be doing. So when I am "relaxing", am I really "relaxing?" I truly have to learn to rest my mind. Many times I wish I could just shut it down. I read constantly how you can only think about what is happening in that exact moment, that you shouldn't worry about tomorrow or think about what has happened or what may happen. I just wish the art of doing that was a class I could take. How in the world do you learn to do that? I truly tried this weekend. I looked around and showed appreciation for all that was currently around me and all the wonderful people in my life. Every minute or so, my mind would bounce back to all the Scentsy work I had to do, laundry, house cleaning, work, my relationship, my family. It isn't easy to say, "Go to sleep mind...just for one hour." Maybe meditation is my next venture. I have tried it before and usually start giggling at myself. Who knows.

I do know that I did relax for a few brief moments. I looked around at the palm trees and the pool and the green grass and thought what a beautiful place. I am truly thankful every day for everything in my life. I thought about those who I have cared about that have passed and I thought about those who I am lucky enough to still have here. My grandmother is 94 years old and has more spunk than a 30 year old. She is an inspiration and I enjoyed my thoughts on her for a while.

I know relaxng is good for our health, so I will continue to try to take moments out of my day to just stop and think and shut down my brain. Everything will still be there when I am done. Everything will be ok.


  1. Hello Jill, I am the same way when it comes to relaxing. I can try but my mind doesn't stop thinking of all the things I should be doing. When I sit down with my husband to try to watch tv, I have a magazine in one hand, one eye on the tv, and my mind is still thinking of other things to do, lol. My children always ask me, "Mom, will you come sit down for 5 minutes and relax?" It is quiet funny because I do Spa Escape parties for other women to help them relax. I enjoyed reading your story, we have a lot in common. I was exercising 6 days out of the week with a friend and loved it. I also started training for a 26K in Houston, Tx but after a couple of months I started getting shin splints and couldn't get rid of them.
    I will visit your blog site more to see what is going on with you. Sorry about writting you this book, lol.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I enjoyed your post. Wow 26K? That is amazing. Funny thing is for people like us, you would think we wouldn't have to work out since we can't sit still. HEHE. I get shin splints too. I rotate sneakers often and get new ones, that seems to help. Hydrating helps too. Check back often, I would love to hear form you.


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