Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Branding your Business In Direct Sales

Joining a direct sales company is a fabulous way to start a business for a small amount of cash outlay. When you start your business you may realize that there are a lot of other representatives in your area or online that is selling the same type of item. So how do you make a name for yourself in a sea of similar products? The answer is called branding.

What is branding? It is usually the logo, colors, or tag line of the business. Most businesses brand themselves and it is also very important for a direct seller to be branded as well. Since the company that you are working with has the rights of the brand for the main company, you as an independent consultant need a brand that we can market to others.

So where to start? Well, one of the best brands that you can market is you. You are you and no one is quite like you. Sounds like Dr. Seuss somehow, but it is true. You want to be effective in getting your message across that you are an individual business, not just a consultant. To start branding you, purchase a URL that represents you or your business. If your name is available, then by all means get that. You will be able to use it the rest of your life. If you want to create a special URL for your business, you can do that as well. Make it something that you can brand for example, Sally’s Sewing or Jill’s Jewelry or something like that. Try and make it memorable as you will use that in your marketing.

So now you have your URL, start marketing yourself as your URL name. If your company has representative websites, redirect your site to the new URL. Your main goal and purpose is to set you apart from the rest of the consultants out there. Get business cards, tag your books with your brand, some even have a design and specific color scheme. You need to become the brand and people will remember you. So instead of being yet another representative out of thousands, you have become the individual business owner. Now that is branding and a smart way to market your business.

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