Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pre Visalus Challenge ~ Day 4

Day 4 ~ Waiting for my shakes to arrive. Not a great day. Had a fabulous Scentsy Party last night with amazing Hostesses. I always love consulting at parties. I have the most enthusiastic hostesses. They get so excited to see the warmers and have their friends over. When I was a kid, the home parties seemed so long and drawn out. The Scentsy parties are so fun and I just love listening to each guest as they smell each scent. Their memories come flooding back, filling the room with laughter as they smell each scent.

Because of the party, I rushed around, skipped dinner and had a couple glasses of red wine. Two bad things. Was feeling a little tired this morning but not bad. Burnt my toast so skipped my shake and had coffee and water. Lunch time consisted of Greek salad and Slovakia chicken. So not bad with that meal. I'll have a shake when I get home and then create something for dinner.

I skipped blogging yesterday but I did post on Facebook a quick Day 3 status. I am impressed that I have actually written and tackled this 4 days in a row. I just checked my Visalus shipment. It looks like it is in Orlando and arrives tomorrow. How exciting. Now to start this weekend or start Monday!  I am sure I will have to start this weekend.

What a crazy month. Scentsy is insane with the holidays, now tackling getting healthy before the new year. I guess no better time than now. I haven't changed much during this prep period, but I have added a lot more water and tried to focus on meals. I am also going thru Dana Wilde's "Train Your Brain" program.  So working on the Mind and Body.

I am only doing one shake a day right now, but if I really like them then I will increase to two a day. 2 shakes, 3 mid snacks and a good dinner. I think I can do that. I just may need to add eating to my google calendar for pop ups to remind me...LOL

Wish me luck on the rest of the night. Tentatively, the Visalus Challenge starts tomorrow. Let the quest begin!!

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