Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Visalus Challenge-Pre Challenge Prep Day 2

Day 2 of getting my mind ready for my Visalus Challenge coming up.

 Let's catch up from yesterday. I still didn't get enough water. Maybe 3 23.7 FL ounce bottles. Writing this blog is making me down one right now during my lunch break. LOL. So I am up to two today. And so last night, I had an early dinner. Just some scrambled egg whites and turkey sausage. I am always nervous about an early dinner because I feel like I will snack through out the night. Most nights I do very well and just continue to drink my water with my MIO drops in them. Have you heard of them? They are awesome. Just these little drops you add to water to make it taste better. I need that or I wouldn't drink any. I hate the taste of water. I only put in a couple and they are perfect. So I had this early dinner and did quite well. The key is to keeping busy. If you keep busy you tend to not fall into that habit of being a TV snacker. I am not really a snacker but I just pick and when I really add up what I am snacking on, it is the size of a meal. Very bad. I kept busy all night and then it hit. The infamous craving at 12:30 am. Looked through the pantry, the fridge, the freezer and you give all of those THE GLARE. And so as much as I wanted to fight the craving and I did to a point. I had a "midnight snack". It isn't good to go to bed hungry either. So as long as its just a little something, you are usually ok. I had half a piece of wheat toast with low fat peanut butter. Not the greatest snack but certainly not the worst.

This morning, I woke up exhausted again. Eyes felt like they were sealed shut. Grabbed the water bottle. The crazy thing is I do very well with water the first thing in the morning. I know my body is dehydrated and I know its what I need. It also helps when I have the headaches and I have them so much that I have made it a habit to grab the water. No headache this morning, THANK THE LORD. I fall short in time as usual because I stay in bed until the very last minute and grab what I can to eat through out the day. Today I did well. I actually grabbed some other shakes I had to start getting my body use to drinking them again. For breakfast when I got to the office, I had a whole wheat english muffin and a protein shake. Not bad. But then the second bottle of water has sat until I started writing this post. WOW. 6 hours, no water. Really makes you realize how bad I do at being consistent. Ok, so pause, I am going to go fill up my water bottle and get through bottle number 3 before I finish this blog. Wow, you all are motivating me. Thanks. Be Right Back.

Ok Great. 3rd Bottle. On track for today. For Lunch, I had one of those horrible, awful Lean Cuisine Pizza's. I really didn't want to eat it, but it is better than skipping meals. Probably around 4 or 5, I'll drink a protein shake just to wait a little bit for dinner and avoid that same craving scenario.

So far so good on the Mind and Body prepping. It sounds really funny, but I think you do have to change some things before you get your mind in a place to be successful with weight loss challenges. I am fully aware of what to do in order to reach my goal weight. My issue is that I don't remain consistent because of emotions or my agenda. You can join me in the challenge. I'd love for people to help me stay motivated. You already helped me continue this blog for 2 days and drink a 3rd glass of water. WOW. What can happen in 3 months?

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