Friday, June 3, 2011

The Green Monster

Well the Running and "eating healthy" started again on June 1st. I pretty much eat healthy all the time but when I buckle down, its the wine dessert I have to give up. Oh How I love my Reisling. : )

It is amazing to me how great I feel when I eat right and exercise but I can't seem to understand why that isn't enough of a push anymore to do it consistently. When I moved to Florida 11 years ago, I was working out every day, some times twice again. And go figure even as much as I was going, I still didn't feel good about my body. Boy, if I could go back. Don't we all wish that? I look at pictures and think, "What was wrong with me?" I should have hugged my body every day. Guess we should all do that NOW because when we are 20 years older, we will wish we were right here on this day!

Well I started on June 1st with one of my famous shakes..... THE GREEN MONSTER!!!! Oh yes, it looks absolutely horrible but really it is one of the best tasting morning shakes I have had.

It consistes of:

2-3 cups of spinach
1 half rippened banana
4 strawberries
1 cup of milk
1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil

Mix together and you have a yummy morning smoothie packed full of nutrition. We all are lacking on our veggies, so the spinach helps with that. Gives you 3 servings if you drink the entire shake. The great thing about this is it looks awful but is tastes simply like banana. You can also add a tablespoon of peanut butter to get in the protein but keep track of your fat intake if you do.

I love the green monster and getting in what I need to in fruits and veggies, I just have to allow time in the morning to make it. Another issue of mine....Mornings. : ) Along with the green monster, I started my favorite C25K running regimend. I have never been a huge fan of running but I have always wanted to love it. This program helps with that. It eases you into running so you don't get burnt out. I have done almost the entire program 5-6 times but never finished. Yeah the last week.....not fun. So June 1st, I vowed to try again. Its hotter than jalapenos in Florida right now but I figure I'll just burn more.

So here is where I have started..again. Green Monsters and C25K. Sounds fun doesn't it? Of course I have changed the diet and added in resistance training but the Green Monster was more fun to talk about. The Scentsy Convention is coming u, so I have made that date my goal to tone up and lose some pounds. I'll keep you updated.

Time for another gallon of water. : )

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