Monday, June 6, 2011

How To Share your Direct Sales Opportunity with Others You Meet

Sharing your Direct Sales business opportunity with those you meet (also called face to face meetings) is important part of growing your business. When you first meet someone you don't want to immediately "jump" on them with information about your home business opportunity. Here is the proper way to strike up a conversation with the person in a non-threatening way.

The first step is to introduce yourself to the person you are talking with and let them reply back to you with their introduction before you start your sales pitch. People want to feel like it's a 2-way conversation so make sure you allow your prospect time to respond to you. Once the introductions and niceties are over you should spend a few minutes asking your prospect a few very important questions like:

1. Have they ever heard of your company?
2. Do they know what type of products your company sells?
3. Are they looking for a way to make some extra money?
4. Would they like to hear more about your company and the compensation plan that your company offers?

As you obtain the answers to each particular question outlined above you will know how to word the following question to your prospect. It is important to allow your prospect enough time to answer each question before you proceed to the next one. If your prospect answers with something negative to any of the questions above, they might not be receptive to a full-blown sales pitch by you. As you practice this type of technique you will learn if it's time to move on to the next prospect or if you should stand there and continue the sales pitch discussion.

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