Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting Healthy with Scentsy Week 6 Day 45

Late night work outs are never my favorite but there I was last night at 10:00 pm at the gym. I think at this point, I am afraid that if I miss I might stop going. Deep down I don't think that will happen, after all I am already almost on Week 7. I definitely do not want to start over on Week 1. 

My body feels smaller in some areas, but even though I said I wouldn't I checked last night and I am gaining. Darn scales can really mess you up, but I just want to see when the decrease starts happening so I can log it. I am sure I am going through what many people go through. You really have to drill into your head that muscle weighs more than fat. I know some people who have gained 10lbs before they actually started losing.  I keep telling myself, I just need to keep going.

The training is going well. I believe I have my calories in check. The hard part now is getting in water. I do well a couple days and then I slack off. Today I just keep starring at the water jug and just don't feel like drinking it. Isn't it funny how something is right there in front of you and you know you have to do it and you just don't. Water plays such a huge part in all this. It flushes out all the bad stuff and takes away bloat.  After writing that, I just took a drink. My gosh, just drink it already. LOL. 

These blog posts are to track how I am doing and kind of help people relate. Every day is a new obstacle, but habits are usually adopted after 21 days. I am well past 21 days now so if I can just control the thoughts that keep trying to get in my way in my head, I know that clean eating, working out and drinking enough water will become once again a part of my every day life. 

People give up so easily. I have given up so easily in the past. I mean I have always ran and eaten ok but I am really taking it to the next level now. I keep all my fruit and carbs before 1pm. I log everything I put into my mouth. I love It is so easy and free to log everything. This definitely helps you know exactly where you are calorie wise. How much protein, carbs, fat and sugar you have taken in. It is amazing how that one cookie or one spoonful of something can add up. Logging everything helps me not take those extra bites. Besides the fact that everything white, sweet, processed etc is completely out of the house.

I have to say KoKo FitClub really makes staying motivated easy. I do not dread the work outs any more. They are clear and precise. The computer tells you what to do, how to do it and you don't waste any time. I love that. I don't dread going, or the actual work outs or anything, I actually enjoy them. 

Almost end of Week 7. Still going strong. I feel stronger. I feel like I have more energy. I feel less bloated. I just have to keep going. 

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