Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Are you Nasty? Well Quit it! : )

Something that bothers me is when it takes so much effort to be close with someone, or be friends with someone. You know that awkward feeling you get the second you are around someone even though you are smiling. Maybe I wouldn't really notice if I didn't have other people in my life where I can go 3 months without seeing them and the second you do, its like you haven't missed a day.

They say if you have to put so much effort into something, why bother, but you still can't help but wonder why it is so difficult with some. It is so sad to me that you have to see what someone's mood is before you say hello. Is it social issues? Is it self esteem issues? Is it that the person is just miserable? I mean, don't people know how they feel? How can you not know what type of Ora you are putting off or vibe you are sending out. I mean I certainly do. I know even more so now from dealing with people like this. I have certainly made myself more aware. I guess I should thank them. Thank you for allowing me to watch how I carry myself and not wanting to be anything like you.

It reminds me of mean girls/people in high school where no matter how much you try to ask how their day is or how they are doing, they have some nasty look on their face as if to say, "Don't talk to me!!" Yeah truly no fun. Today's personal blog is for everyone reading this to ask yourself, "What vibe am I putting out?" " Am I nice to people?" "Do I treat people kindly with my words as well as my body language?" Huge issue for me today. People get lessons on what to say but maybe there need to be some classes on facial expressions and body language. Its just not nice. Life is too short. Imagine the cool people you might be missing out on acting that way. Yeah no, I think I'll make a mental note of my face and body every day. So Thank you mean miserable people. Thank you for giving me my lesson of the day. Now for my PB2 Protein Shake. YAHOO!!

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