Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Favorite Applications for Direct Sales

Applications are where it is at. I am all about making life convenient and easy and applications do just that. I find myself using my IPhone more than my lap top, ipad or office computer. All of these fun websites that make running our businesses easy just made things even easier by creating apps. I have been on the hunt for apps this week and I have found some that are just amazing and needed to be shared. Today I will list my favorites. They have cut time for me in many areas and every time that happens I get more and more excited.

These favorites are in no particular order. I love them all the same.

1. Calengoo: This app is amazing. It links with your smartphone and gmail and has saved my life the last week. I was on the hunt for a planner. Every successful direct sales person has a planner right? Well everyone kept saying as "techy" as you are, why don't use go electronic. No No NO. I couldn't possibly go electronic right. Well, I found Calengoo and there was no turning back. It allows me to have everything color coded based on my personal events, family events, my business etc. I can see everything in a month, week or 4day setting. Now the biggest thing is of course I can open this up when I log into my gmail but what saved my life and changed everything is being able to log into it on my phone. It also sends reminders and keeps me updated for when things are about to start. I even have blogging scheduled into my calengoo. I absolutely love it. It also has a task list which I am big on task lists. Once you keep an item, it exes it out for you. Awesome!!!! I was totally getting goose bumps over this app. My head felt clear for once and now I can see what I have to do and not forget everything. I even set monthly events such as ordering supplies and creating packets. 5 STARS!

2. X07 Brainiac Inventory Scanner. Now this ap is a bit time consuming but if you invest a little time, IT WILL make life easier. It allows you to create inventories and scan every product you have using the UPC code on the item. Now for the first time you do this, you have to create all of the inventories as well as input all the names but once you do this once if you enter the product again, it recognizes that and asks if you want to add or delete and item. WOW!!! How cool is that? Now when customers walk up and say oh do you have any Clove and Cinnamon, I can say, one second, let me check. I have seperated all of inventories for my business such as Bars, Scents Circles, Full Size Warmers etc so that I can find things easier but boy I have already used it quite a few times this week. It also makes ordering easier. Now I can see what I have at my finger tips. This ap gets 4 Stars only because of the Time it takes but boy if you can stick it out. HOW AMAZING!

3. Wiggio This app is great if you have a Wiggio Account and I strong suggest you do. Wiggio will allow you to invite your entire team to the page. Once they have joined you can group text them, have conference calls, input documents for your team to use, create polls, events. etc. Then once you have the app, you can enter items or check things directly from your phone. I highly suggest using something like this to avoid all the time it takes from emailing docs etc every time your team wants something. Everything will be at their fingertips. 5 Stars

4. Ap: Do you conduct Team Calls well now you can start the call and record no matter where you are FROM YOUR SMART PHONE!!! How cool is that? Never miss a conference call again. This allows you to not have to be stuck to your computer. LOVE IT!
5 Stars

There are my favorites for this week. Try them out. They will truly help managing your team so much easier!

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