Monday, June 18, 2012

Healthy with Scentsy~Week 7 Day 49 SHUT UP & SQUAT

Another week of no missed gym days. And so we start Week 7. It is funny, not only are you exercising your physical self but you are really putting your brain through a work out. Tonight is my Progress Picture night. I usually work pretty hard at the gym on Monday nights knowing I have made it my night to take pictures. Unlike most of my co-consultants, I am not seeing drastic changes still but I really feel like I am suppose to be getting my brain in shape first and my body will catch up. It does get frustrating know how hard I am working but I figure I abused my body with bad food and bad habits for 10 years so it will probably take a little bit to shock my system into believing that this is how I am going to be.

One of the biggest reasons I won't quit at this point is because I don't want to start over. I figure I am on week 7. There is no way I am starting over on Week 1. Don't get me wrong, I do feel tighter and my stomach feels less bloated. We shall see tonight on the Progress Pictures. No I am not posting them yet. Trust me it is a goal of mine to definitely post them all. It is another reason I don't want to quit. It bothers me to try these different things and then never continue blogging.

I definitely need to get more sleep. I think that is really affecting my work outs so this weeks goal is to get into the gym and home so I can relax, read or work on Scentsy before bed. I have come to grips with this is going to be a year voyage until I get to where I feel great, look great and get my mind where it needs to be. I think 12 weeks gave me false hope of some miraculous change. Time to regroup and start thinking long term.

It is time to............Shut up and Squat LOL. Right when I get frustrated and down, I just need to push through it. 7 Weeks strong is an accomplishment. I just need to keep going because I may only be seeing tiny changes but it is better than no changes sitting on my butt. : )

Until tomorrow keep on Sparkling. Thank you for traveling with me on this journey. More to come..

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