Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healthy with Scentsy Week 7 Day 50~The Closet Door

The morning trip to the closet is NEVER any fun for any female who thinks they have gained weight. It usually ends up with a battle field of hangers, clothes every where, tears and a frustrated lady face down on her bed screaming that she has nothing to wear in a time when she is already 30 minutes late. Sound familiar?

Every single day that is the portrait that is painted  in my world. If you can visualize a mean looking closet door with a bright glowing light behind it and the most evil sounds coming from it, well than you just entered the mornings at my house. Sounds a bit funny as I type it but we all know we go through it. We all have an entire closet of nothing to wear.

Today, I walked towards that glowing closet door as it growled and grumbled in my direction. I shamelessly walked towards it fearing what I go through every single morning. But today......."Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor started playing in my head. I yanked open that closet door and thought, "BRING IT ON!!"  YES!!! Today would be the day. I pulled out a pair of dress pants that haven't fit for a year now. I put them and and not only do they fit. THEY ARE LOOSE! Heck ya! after 7 weeks and 2 days, I am finally starting to see some positive changes. That was enough for me. Just a little dose of motivation has me more driven than ever to keep going!

The fact is you need to prove to your body and your mind that you are in control. If you want something bad enough, you have to work for it. It is painful and emotional and just plain horrible some days but I can honestly say that the satisfaction I got this morning from those pants sliding on was simply amazing and worth all the sore muscles, all the pools of sweat and all the tears.

Week 7 Day 50! A glorious moment! Now let's see what else you got body. What else is in that closet? Fact is it doesn't matter how fast you go, just don't quit and eventually your body and your mind WILL give you what you want the most!!!

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