Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why You Should Track your Advertising Campaigns in Direct Sales

If you are with a direct sales company it is very important to advertise your home business using various advertising mediums. These mediums can include newspaper ads, magazine ads, flyer distribution, online classified ads, buying leads and participating in cold calling, etc. There are hundreds of ways to advertise your business both online and offline and it is very important that you keep track of your advertising efforts. Why you might ask? Well, I am going to tell you why.

A lot of direct sales consultants make the mistake of dishing out money left and right to advertise their businesses. However, when you ask these consultants which advertisements are yielding the best results many of them will tell you that "they are not sure because they didn't keep track". Well, why not? If you are paying out money and spending your time (time is worth money too), you should know exactly which advertising methods are paying off because you don't want to keep dishing out hard earned money on the methods that are not working.

One way to keep track of your advertising campaigns is to create a spreadsheet on your computer. You will want to list the name of the business you are advertising with, how much that advertisement cost you and what kind of results you saw with that advertisement.

When potential customers, recruit leads, etc. contact you...ask them how they learned about you? Find out that answer and document it on your spread sheet. At the end of each month look over your spreadsheet to figure out which method worked, which one was the most cost effective and draft up an advertising plan for the following month.

You will find that if you track your advertising methods and results that it will save you money and time which means you are not wasting money on advertising methods that don't work for you or your business.

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