Thursday, June 9, 2011

Advising Your Hostess on What to Serve At a Home Party

When it comes to coaching your hostess on how to have a successful home party one area you should cover is the food and beverages that will be served at the party. Why you might ask? If your host goes overboard with the refreshments it can hurt party sales and party bookings. Let's take a look at this in more detail.

* When a host serves too many foods and beverages at the party it will cut into your presentation time. Furthermore, guests will be more interested in eating more than shopping! You want to advise your host to keep it simple. Just 2-3 snack foods or appetizers along with 2-3 beverages will do.

* When alcohol is served at a home party, things can get out of hand with the party go'ers. At most parties a little wine would be okay but I really advise my hosts to not serve alcohol at all. By not serving alcohol at the party the guests will be more apt to stay in a "shopping" mood and not get into a "party" mood. Furthermore, we don't want anyone leaving a party intoxicated and getting into an automobile accident.

* When a hostess focuses too much on what they are serving at the party and they go overboard on what they are serving to their guests it causes un-needed stress on both the hostess and the consultant. Furthermore, it really is expensive to go "way out" on serving refreshments and beverages at the party so it's an expense that is not needed. Keeping it simple and easy is really the way to go.

Adding the expense of feeding your guests is something that a potential hostess will think about before saying yes to booking a party. If you stress that simple is better and less is really more, you can encourage those hesitant hostesses into saying yes and that will certainly help in growing your home party bookings.

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