Friday, May 27, 2011

The Beginning of My Quest to Sparkle

Everyone wants to Sparkle. They want that glow and shine about them when they walk down the street. We all want to be described as someone who is always smiling and standing with their head held high staring the world in the face as if to say, "Bring it on, I can handle anything you throw at me!" Sometimes it is just not that easy. Life throws us curve balls and sometimes we just don't feel quite right.

Well finally after reading a thousand blogs and trying to figure out why people actually have blogs, I have decided to launch my own. Why not, right? Of course I don't know if people will read it, although everyone tells me I have good ideas and things I should share but I definitely know at this very moment in my life, there is no better time and could actually help me through some very rough moments. I have amazing family and friends and I seem to be always traveling and participating in the most awesome events that I simply do not want to forget.

My quest is to always Sparkle and to do it from the inside out. I want to build relationships and there is not better way than through Social Media, one of my most favorite things. This grouped with my business in direct sales. My quest is post information about how to Sparkle and Shine through Social Media and have it boost your business. Perception is 100% of the reason people do or do not build a relationship with us. Are people attracted to you, your brand? Do you have information and things people want to hear about? Are you separating yourself from other Direct Sales Consultants. Forever Sparkling will focus on ideas, thoughts and tips that will help us do just that.

Until next time, keep on Sparking,

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