Friday, June 17, 2011

Promoting the Online Party Option to Boost Your Income in Direct Sales

These days you will find that most direct sales companies allow you to host parties online and in fact encourage it through the online party system that is built in to the back offices of most of the larger direct sales companies. Promoting online parties is a great way to boost your current income stream with your direct sales business.

This is a great option for many hostesses as it can add to the party total for an existing home party when guests cannot make it or guests live out of the area and cannot attend a home party. For the consultant, it is a great tool for your online customers.

Here is a list of some people that would find value in an online e-party.

* People who work full-time jobs outside of their home.
* People who work part-time jobs outside of their home.
* Moms who lead busy lives taking care of the children and running household errands.
* People who say they hate to clean so they won't have a home party at their house.
* Someone new to the neighborhood. (they don't know locals to invite so they can invite friends and family from all over the United States to attend an online party).
* Athletic Coaches are usually very busy with team practices and games so they often times don't have time for a home party but can fit in an online party.
* People who are having their homes renovated or up for sales on the market often times won't hold a home party so target them with your online party option.

Take a look at who you know that you can add this option to for their next home party or start your own online party. You can add some additional income into your pocket by using this tool and the targeted list of contacts. Your direct sales business will continue to grow with alternative party options to offer hostesses and guests alike.

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