Monday, June 27, 2011

Keep Your Life Force In Sync

Chi, your energy or life force is a dynamic vibration circulating through your body. Your breathing, sleeping, talking, eating... even your ability to think and to communicate all come from this vibration... it drives your internal engine.

Recharge Your Battery with Sleep
So think of your body as pure energy vibration. The level and quality of the energy flow of chi inside your body is always in a state of flux... always in a state of change, which must be carefully monitored and attended to.

For example, when there is an excessive energy loss our body becomes weak... we feel drained, tired and worn out. We're more vulnerable to disease and illness because our internal energy is blocked and stagnant.

When you feel this way it's important to do something to revive the vibrancy of your life force.

The first and most important way to replenish your chi is with plenty of sleep. Imagine that your body is like a battery that is recharging, so that as you sleep all the meridian points of your body are receiving energy from the Universe. You know yourself how much better you feel, how refreshed you are and how much more energy you have after a good night's sleep.

When you fail to get enough sleep, these vital points cannot be recharged and internal blocks begin to form and the body becomes seriously weakened.

Acupressure and acupuncture treatments can help to dissolve the blockages in chi but no matter how excellent such cures are, they are only temporary. What's most important is to be conscious of how and what you do everyday to ensure sufficient energy intake to recharge the body chi. Focus on the circulation of energy that engages the seven energy points of the human body.

Meditation helps to balance chi vibration When you get plenty of sleep, breathe properly, eat the right foods and drink plenty of water to help rid your body of toxins you will also improve your energy intake. The quality of the flow of chi inside of you depends on the flow of oxygen and the removal of toxins... and both use the circulation of the bloodstream within the body to accomplish these goals. When your circulation is impeded your body is immediately overwhelmed with issues... organs can be damaged, tension and depression may set in as your life force slows down.

Many special exercises, breathing techniques and meditation are also effective in dissolving blocks in the flow of chi to improve efficiency of your internal tai chi, yoga and pranayama breathing exercises. Learn more about these and begin to take part in the maintenance of your own life force.

When your chi vibration is balanced, your organs and internal circulation remain harmonious and the quality of your life force improves greatly.

About the Author: Lillian Too is the Worlds Most Popular Writer and Advocate on Living with Good Feng Shui

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