Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 Ways to Promote Your Direct Sales Business

Even if your direct sales business is 100% online, you will at some point need to tell local people about what you do. Your local community is a great place to gather leads for your direct sales business. Here are some ideas for you to easily promote your business in your local area.

1) Join your local Chamber of Commerce or an equivalent business group in your town or county. These businesses promote heavily within its members. Even if you join at an associate rate or as a junior member, your business info will be placed in the directory and usually online on their website as well. Make sure all members receive a discount and try and attend meetings at least monthly so they know who you are.

2) Most charities look for donations of baskets for raffle prizes when they hold fundraisers. Donate a few baskets of great product and make sure your business name and website is on everything. They announce the donors several times and some even use posters to thank the donors.

3) Take ads out in the Penny Savers or local newspaper. Yes they do work and most of they have excellent affordable rates. These ads do not have to be for recruiting. They can be for product sales or “looking for…” ads too.

4) Look into cable and radio ads. They are not as expensive as you think and you can really get some exposure with a great copy that they will help you write.

5) Use press releases when things happen in your company. Most companies will use press releases when they have new lines or new products they are bringing out. You can use similar releases as well and add your personal information and send them in. Make sure to follow up with your newspaper but also look into posting them on the online pr release sites. Local papers look on those sites for interesting news and information as well.

By using ideas to promote yourself locally as well as online, you will become known in your community. Being visible in both areas will help double your exposure and this will affect your direct sales business in a positive manner.

About the Author: Jill McCarthy is a Scentsy Director from Florida with Scentsy Flameless Candles. She enjoys helping others start and maintain a candle business in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and now Deutschland and the UK. You can find Jill at http://www.WicklessElite.com All articles are free to use as long as you keep the author bio intact and provide a live link to the WicklessElite.com website

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